Workforce Readiness to Meet Your Staffing Needs

Levy County has a diverse workforce that is looking for local and regional jobs. Consider how 72.9% of residents commute outside of the county for work. This highlights how the people who live on the Nature Coast are skilled and hirable in a variety of fields. When you start hiring in Levy County, you will find a mixture of college-educated candidates who attended nearby universities and trained workers who have built careers as welders, manufacturers, and technicians. 

Here are a few schools that support workforce development for Levy County residents and businesses:  

Higher Education

The University of Florida Photo

The University of Florida

The College of Central Florida Photo

The College of Central Florida

Marion Technical College Photo

Marion Technical College

Withlacoochee Technical College Photo

Withlacoochee Technical College


The region is also supported by CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion which provides workforce development for residents. CareerSource works directly with local employers to understand the skills they need from their candidates. It then provides training and development so businesses have qualified pools of candidates to hire from.  

Levy County is an ideal place to hire for your business. You will find a diverse mixture of experienced candidates who are ready to jump into advanced roles and eager applicants who can be trained on your processes and workflows.