Levy County’s Workforce is Commuting Out: You Can Hire Top Local Talent

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Currently, 72.9% of residents on the Nature Coast travel outside of Levy County for work. There is a substantial workforce that is looking for investors and developers to bring their businesses to Levy County. Hiring will be easy when you bring your operations to this area as you can find skilled and pre-trained workers who are eager for shorter commutes.  

The Nature Coast is served by the College of Central Florida, as well as the University of Florida, which was named the top public university in the country by The Wall Street Journal in 2024. Both institutions produce skilled graduates in a variety of fields.

The College of Central Florida also provides training and certification programs to support local employers. It offers a nationally-recognized Welding Technology program and a certified Fiber Optics Boot Camp to train future technicians.

Whether you need welding experts for your boat manufacturing company, IT professionals for your tech business, or fresh college graduates with big ideas, you can easily find them in Levy County.