New Businesses Are Cleared for Takeoff

The Williston Municipal Airport (FAA Identifier: X60) is one of the top resources in Levy County. It has more than 100 aircrafts based on the field, with an average of 44 operations in a day. The runway is large enough to land a 737 and the airport can accommodate jet airplanes and helicopters.  

737 airplane on tarmac

The Williston Airport Industrial Park surrounds the runways and provides a significant opportunity for business expansion. This is a city-run industrial park with several thousands of acres of developable land. The majority of the land gives you direct access to the airport when you need it. This is an ideal location for companies within the air transportation space or any business with shipping needs.  

Williston Municipal Airport
1800 SW 19th Ave
Williston, FL 32696
(352) 528-4900