Find Your Affordable Dream Home in Levy County

Homes in Levy County are more affordable than the rest of the country, which gives you space to spread out. The median home price in Levy County is $162,930 as of 2024, significantly lower than the rest of the country and the state of Florida. These home prices are competitive even for North Florida. The median home price in neighboring Alachua County is $301,350.

You can easily find homes large enough for your family, whether you want a few extra bedrooms for the kids, or need to set up a home office for remote work.

Enjoy Some of the Lowest Property Tax Rates in the State

Not only will you save on your mortgage when you move to Levy County, but you will also enjoy lower property taxes. Tax rates are based on property values, which means you save money by buying affordable homes. However, Levy County also has favorable property tax schedules compared to surrounding areas. Alachua County has one of the highest property tax rates in the state. Simply moving to Levy County next door will allow you to save money once your tax bill arrives. 

Connect With Nature in Your Backyard

Levy County is a beautiful place to live. Bring your family and settle into a picturesque home with ancient oak trees draped in Spanish moss. Wake up to deer walking through your yard or ducks flying over during the winter migration.

Come to Levy County for affordable housing and low property taxes. Stay for the beautiful land and sprawling acreage that you will fall in love with.

Fast Facts

National Median Home Cost:

Florida Median Home Cost:

Levy County Median Home Cost:

Housing & Income



Total Housing Units


Owner Occupied


Renter Occupied




Median Home Value


Average Home Value


Growth Rate

Household Income


Per Capita Income


Income Projection

Median Household

$40,030 $46,206

Average Household

$56,779 $65,578

Per Capita

$23,664 $27,614