Your Money Goes Further in Levy County

Levy County has one of the lowest costs of living in the state – and that starts with housing. The median home price in the region is $162,930, significantly lower than the state average of $409,243. Residents can enjoy lower mortgage payments or work to own their homes outright, freeing up their incomes for other, more enjoyable, expenses. Lower housing costs also mean lower property taxes, allowing homeowners to save even more.

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However, the cost of living in Levy County is lower in other ways. Levy County has favorable rates for grocery costs, transportation, and other expenses. Even your utilities will be lower. Thanks to a partnership with the Central Florida Electric Cooperative, Levy County has some of the lowest electricity costs in the state.

Raise a Family in an Affordable Part of Florida

The Living Wage Calculator estimates that two working adults, who have two kids, would each need to earn $25 per hour ($104,084 per year) to live comfortably in the United States. This cost of living drops to $21.80 per hour in Levy County, for an annual salary of $90,688. This means families with kids, along with single adults, need less money to live comfortably in the area.

Florida has so much to offer adventure seekers and families with kids. With the low cost of living in Levy County, you can put more of your salary toward weekend excursions and activities because less of it is going toward bills.