Levy County Offers Quick Speed to Market With Reliable Infrastructure

Levy County has the existing infrastructure you need to grow your organizational footprint. The region is equipped with high-speed internet and low electricity costs, which is essential for modern business operations. Levy County is also strategically located near major interstates, key ports, and large cities to easily export and import any materials you need. Learn more about what sets Levy County’s infrastructure apart.

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The Fastest Internet Speeds Are in Levy County, Florida

Levy County has the internet infrastructure you need to relocate and resume your operations immediately. It has some of the fastest internet speeds in the state, which benefits both businesses and residents. People in Levy County enjoy internet speeds of 2GB per second and reliable infrastructure to keep it running.

Lowest Electricity Costs

Levy County also has some of the lowest electric rates in the country, which is made possible by the support of Duke Energy and the Central Florida Electric Cooperative. Businesses can use as much electricity as they need without driving up their operating costs. Residents also benefit from lower utility rates.

Fast internet is essential for running modern businesses. It also improves the quality of life of the people who live here. Residents can work in Levy County during the day and then stream their favorite shows at night.